No open flame candles or devices (including votive candles/cups) are permitted to be used in USF facilities, with the exception of sterno devices used by catering services only.
No adhesive tape of any kind is permitted in USF facilities for posting signs, flyers, advertisements, decorations, directional signs or other materials without prior written consent.
No glitter or items containing glitter are permitted to be used in USF facilities.

Food and Drink

Any food and/or non-alcoholic beverage served shall be provided by USF’s approved licensed caterer(s) for such catering services. No food or non-alcoholic beverage will be allowed into the licensed facility unless pre-approved by USF.
Licensee shall be responsible for ensuring no one enters or leaves licensed facility with alcoholic beverages, drugs or any other dangerous material. Alcoholic beverages shall be distributed by an approved licensed vendor with three-way license for all bartending and alcohol needs, and no alcoholic beverage will be allowed into the licensed facility unless approved by USF. Permits, licenses or other governmental approval for alcoholic beverage service in the licensed facility shall be the sole responsibility of licensee.


Licensee may incur extraneous cleaning and/or property damage charges, as deemed necessary by USF, due to negligence or abuse by licensee and its staff and/or patrons of scheduled event.

Liability Insurance

Licensee shall be responsible for providing certificates of liability insurance with minimum limits of $1,000,000 required for use of USF facilities.

Photography and Videography

Neither party may contract or arrange radio broadcasting, televising, filming, photographing, taping, sound recording or other kinds of reproduction of whatsoever nature for any program presented by licensee under this agreement without the prior written consent of the other party.

Brookside Mansion

Photography at Brookside requires a signed facility use agreement for photography. All photography taken is for personal purposes only. Any commercial or public use of photography will require approval and a separate agreement with the University.

Locking the Building

If event is held on a weekend or holiday or concludes after 5:00 p.m. on a weeknight (or 3:30 p.m. May through mid-August), licensee shall contact USF’s security at 260.399.7888 or the event attendant on duty before leaving licensed facility to lock all opened buildings.